We believe that the future of fashion is circular.

What we used to love need not end up in the trash and landfills. The things we own deserve a second home.

Let’s reduce, reuse, and rewear.

choose rewear

Save on Cost

All items on rewear are pre-loved and priced way lower than in stores

Less Waste

Every piece you buy is a piece saved from ending up in the landfill

Go Greener

By purchasing pre-owned items, you lessen your carbon footprints

Every season, we curate pre-owned items just for you

Our team of stylists and creatives would go through piles of items, filter good quality ones, and curating them per brand and per season

what’s next for rewear?

Community Driven

We would love to sell your pre-loved items on our space. Let’s talk and exlore!

Curated Wardrobe

We envision to bringing you the curated wardrobes of celebrities, influencers, and stylists, soon!

Circular Fashion

We are not stopping on just rewearing pre-owned items, but on repurposing items so they don’t end onf landfill!

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