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welcome to The 210!

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Studio Turns One

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Designed, made and produced locally for you and your lifestyle.

Studio One

Full customizable studio with ceiling-mounted light tracks

Studio Two

Smaller studio with backlit arch for portrait & self-shoot


Couch & chairs with marble tables for you and your guests


Kitchenette with coffee & liquor bar for shoot and for food service


Retail wall + chairs and tables for meetings & work sessions

Style Room

An intimate dressing room with built-in makeup table


Toilet & bath for you and your guests, with shower & bidet

━━ Use everything 

When you book  The Creator Studio you literally can use and re-arrange everything in all our spaces including all furniture, modules, panels & tables


━━ Self-Shoot

No photographer? No problem! Use our self-shoot module with every studio booking


━━ 50+ equipment

Use all the equipment inside the studio including a huge variety of strobe lights, effect lights, tripods, triggers, backgrounds and more.

NO add-on charges, NO limits!


━━ Free Parking

Every booking comes with one (1) FREE secured parking slot. If you need more parking, we can arrange them for you in advance

Studio Rates